Tuesday, May 25, 2010

New robot stands-in for office workers.

First they take our jobs. Then our families. Then our lives. From Orange:
Officer workers will soon be capable of being in two places at once - virtually - thanks to their very own robot.

Californian company Anybots has developed the 5ft robot called QB which can act as your stand-in if you're working from home, away on business or stuck in a meeting.

Controllable by internet from anywhere in the world, you simply log-in online and activate your QB which you park at your usual desk.

QB can even trudle around the office joining conversations with colleagues in real time.

A camera in the robot's head let's you see where it's going, and if you spot anyone you want to talk to you simply power over to them and engage in conversation through your headset.

An Anybots spokesman said: "When you're logged in, the robots eyes are glowing so your colleagues know you're there.

"They can just come up to you and ask questions, and you can answer back. If you're needed in a meeting or in the lab, just drive the robot there.

"The robots can be shared among as many people as you like. People who work from home will probably prefer to have their own private robot, which they might customise to represent themselves."

Anybots is currently working on an application so you can control your QB from you iPhone. Each QB will cost $15,000 and will be available from this autumn.


Steve from Moon said...

How about inventing a robot that can go to work for me, do my job, and earn a salary that I keep--all while lying in bed all day reading books, listening to music, writing, and surfin' the net?!?

Adam Coozer said...

Get the next best thing - an unpaid intern!