Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Rush releases two new songs on iTunes.

From a press release spotted by my bro! (Too bad the songs are the sludgy, grungy, flat, uninspired crap of their last couple of albums. And I say that as their biggest fan evarr!!11!)
Rush pre-release 2 new songs, “CARAVAN” and “BU2B” from the forthcoming album Clockwork Angels album (due in 2011).

Buy the 2 songs together and also get the artwork & lyric booklet where supported by the digital provider.

The band will be performing these 2 songs on the Time Machine Tour, which kicks off in just a few short weeks on June 29th! Visit for a full tour listing.

Please request the single “Caravan” to be played at your local radio station!

Also, thanks to your support and demand, the documentary has further screens added in many markets. Please check for your country/city at

For now, US fans are able to enter now at There will be further custom Epiphone Les Paul guitar promotions that are open to international fans, stay tuned for details on that very shortly!

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