Thursday, August 19, 2010

Man tries killing himself at Phish concert.

I would too if I were at a Phish concert. From NY Post:
An unhinged concertgoer at the Jones Beach amphitheater hurled himself 25 feet from a balcony onto the seats below last night, officials and witnesses said.

The 25-year-old man made the terrifying dive at a Phish concert just before 10 p.m., during intermission.

A helicopter was called, but the victim was rushed by ambulance to Nassau University Medical Center. His condition was unknown.

No one else was injured.

"He pushed people out of the way and he jumped; he didn't fall," said concertgoer Merritt Walsh. "It was intentional."

A female fan said, "I was sitting two rows behind from here he hit. He hit a chair and he broke the back of another chair. "There was blood everywhere. Everyone was yelling, 'Clear the way! Clear the way!' "

A doctor sitting near where the victim fell said the man's face was "busted up," but he was breathing on his own and conscious.


ReadJunk said...

I said the same thing on my twitter hahaha

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