Saturday, September 4, 2010

Boy Scouts strike deal with abuse victims to end lawsuits.

I don't trust any organization that obsessed with different types of knots. From Philanthropy Today:
Ending a long-running legal dispute, the Boy Scouts of America has a reached a settlement of undisclosed terms with six men who say they were sexually abused by a scout leader as boys, says The New York Times.

The agreement follows a jury decision in a case filed by one of the men, Kerry Lewis, in which the Boy Scouts were ordered to pay him $19.9-million in damages. A former assistant troop leader named in the case, Timur Dykes, admitted during the trial that he had molested Mr. Lewis when he was in the scout program.

The judge in the case ordered the parties involved in all six lawsuits to participate in mediation to try to reach a resolution.

The Boy Scouts of America said the organization since has put safeguards in place to ensure the safety of the youths who participate its programs. Deron Smith, a Scouts spokesman, said the charity was “deeply saddened by the events in these cases.”

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