Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Playstation hacked: 77 million users' personal and credit card info in jeopardy.

Grand Theft Identity. From Daily Mail:
The credit card details of 77million PlayStation users could have been stolen during one of the largest Internet thefts in history, Sony admitted today.

The Japanese firm suffered a massive breach in its online video game network last week that allowed the names and addresses of the users to be stolen in a hacking attack that could cost the company billions.

Access to the PlayStation network was suspended last Wednesday, but the company only revealed the true extent of the data breach today.

A post on a Sony blog said hackers obtained user names, passwords, logins, security questions and, potentially, credit card numbers.

The online network that allows PlayStation owners to play video games against one another was shut immediately after the hacking was discovered on April 19.

A spokesman said it took 'several days of forensic investigation' after learning of the breach before the company knew consumers' data had been compromised.

Sony announced the details of the breach hours after the glitzy launch of a new tablet PC yesterday - and users reacted furiously after Sony made its hacking announcement in a low-key manner on a company blog.

One said: 'If you have compromised my credit information, you will never receive it again. The fact that you've waited this long to divulge this information to your customers is deplorable. Shame on you.'

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