Thursday, June 9, 2011


Yipes: Jellyfish invade FL beach, sting 1600 people!

WTF: 12 arrested for feeding the homeless in Orlando.

Lame: Woman-hating Santorum says abortion exception to protect mother's health is "phony."

PSA: Citibank confirms hacking attack.

Science: Periodic table adds two new superheavy elements.


Steve from Moon said...

I really dislike Rick "man-on-dog" Santorum. I saw him on MSNBC this morning trying to explain why it would be better for seniors not to have Medicare, but give them vouchers to purchase private health insurance so they could be better consumers and supposedly spent their money more wisely (and have to spend more of their own money for less health insurance coverage, no doubt). He then raised the specter of "socialist" health care, where we'd have to wait in lines to see a doctor and the government would control every aspect of your care (this is worse than some paper pusher at an insurance company deciding if and when to pay my doctor for something?). I'd much rather have a government health insurance program where their mission is to ensure access to health care versus a private insurance company whose mission is to make money for their shareholders and CEO...

Adam Coozer said...

Yeah, he's a dingus. I think Dan Savage effectively curtailed his political ambitions.