Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Anti-gay lawmaker, 64, caught in hotel with 18-year-old boy.

Another case of a pathetic, closeted old man in a position of power who, out of self-hatred, makes things difficult for all other well-adjusted adults. From Daily Mail:
A married lawmaker, pressured to resign after he was reportedly caught 'arranging' a gay sex tryst via Craigslist, has admitted paying a male teen.

However, Indiana state Rep Phillip Hinkle claims he is not gay and can’t explain why he set up the meeting.

The Indianapolis Star reported two weeks ago that Kameryn Gibson, 18, posted the ad for a ‘sugga daddy’ and got a response from Hinkle, 64.

Mr Gibson claimed Mr Hinkle offered him $140 for 'for a really good time.'

The paper published emails between Hinkle, 64, and Gibson, 18, as they set up a meeting at a downtown Indianapolis hotel.

One of them said: 'Cannot be a long time sugar daddy, but can for tonight. Would you be interested in keeping me company for a while tonight?'

The email offered 'to make it worth [your] while' in cash, and offers a personal description: ‘I am an in shape married professional, 5'8", fit 170 lbs, and love getting and staying naked.'

On Tuesday, Hinkle admitted meeting Gibson and giving him $80 for his time, but denied a sex act or any other wrongdoing took place.

The Republican said: 'I went to the edge, but I didn't fall over the edge.'

Mr Gibson claimed he changed his mind about sex when he found out Hinkle was a state rep, but Hinkle wouldn't let him leave the hotel room.

When Gibson called his sister for help, he said she threatened to call the cops and the media, and Mr Hinkle offered to 'give you whatever.'

After hanging up, Mr Gibson alleges that Mr Hinkle grabbed his buttocks, dropped the towel he was wearing and sat naked on the bed.

When Megan arrived later, they said Mr Hinkle gave them his BlackBerry, iPad and $100 cash to keep them quiet.

The siblings also claimed Mr Hinkle's wife also offered them money when she called the BlackBerry.

Megan Gibson told the Star: 'I was like, "Your husband is gay," and then she was like, "You have the wrong person."'

When Gibson began reading the emails and the address they were sent from, she said Barbara Hinkle told them not to call the police and later offered them $10,000 not to tell anyone.

In Mr Hinkle's version of the events, he claims he was the one victimized by the hotel encounter.

He says he came out of the bathroom at one point to find his money clip, business card holder, his BlackBerry, his iPad and Gibson - gone.

He also denied his wife spoke to Kameryn or Megan Gibson.

Mr Hinkle told the paper: 'Anybody who knows my wife knows she would not pay $10 to keep a mistake I made quiet, let alone $10,000.'

The Gibsons said they contacted The Star because she thought Hinkle's actions were 'creepy,' especially for a lawmaker.

The lawmaker said he is now working with his attorney to find hotel security tapes that back up his claim that he never met Megan Gibson.

Mr Hinkle, a strong opponent of gay marriage, denied he has homosexual tendencies.

He told the Star: 'I say that emphatically. I'm not gay.'

The news comes as pressure mounts from the Indiana Statehouse for Mr Hinkle to step down from the post he has held since 2000.

House Speaker Brian Bosma said he met with the embattled rep last week, and told him he should focus on his personal life in the 2012 session.

Mr Bosma, a fellow Republican, called the alleged scandal 'a detriment to the continuing work of the legislature.'

But Hinkle won't budge, telling the Star: 'Those people didn't elect me. The constituents did.'

Mr Hinkle, who boasts that he co-sponsored the creation of 'In God we trust' license plates in Indiana, has voted in favor of a gay marriage ban.

Indiana Gov Mitch Daniels called the situation a 'tragedy.'

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