Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Man killed in freak gardening accident.

For once, a Darwin Award for someone who's actually from Darwin! Item!
A Darwin man has been killed while lopping a palm tree in his garden.

The 50-year-old man, whose name has not been released, died when the large foxtail palm came crashing down, striking him in the face, the Northern Territory News said.

It is believed the man's body lay unnoticed for several hours before he was found and the alarm was raised.

The freak accident happened at a property at Knuckey Lagoon on Friday. But it took police five days to release news of the death and yesterday they refused to give out any further details. Police Superintendent Daniel Sheen said the accident happened between 2pm and 5.15pm.

"We're not quite sure when (the man) died," Superintendent Sheen said. The man had lived at the 2ha residence for some time.

It is believed the property owner drove past the accident scene earlier in the day but did not see the man's body until later that afternoon. He dialled 000 to alert emergency services and paramedics and police rushed to the scene. But it was too late.

Many of his neighbours yesterday were unaware of the freak tragedy that had unfolded just next door.

The property remained deserted throughout the day.

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