Thursday, January 27, 2011

Girl Scouts to phase out unpopular cookies.

Just don't touch my Samoas. From the Chronicle of Philanthropy:
As the Girl Scout cookies selling season gets under way, chapters in several states are phasing out some varieties in a bid to cut costs and boost revenue, according to The Wall Street Journal.

A dozen Girl Scouts councils will eliminate new flavors of cookies that have failed to gain traction with consumers, such as Dulce de Leche and Thank U Berry Munch, as part of a “Super Six” test to focus sales on the most iconic brands, including Thin Mints, Do-Si-Dos, and Samoas.

Cookie sales bring in $714-million a year for the Girl Scouts and account for up to two-thirds of many local councils’ annual budgets. In recent years the organization has taken other steps to increase profits, such as reducing package sizes and raising prices of some cookies.


Steve from Moon said...

All they really need to keep in stock are the Thin Mints and bad for you, but so good (insert Homer Simpson drooling sounds here...).

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