Saturday, January 22, 2011

Megadeth saves boy from wolves.

Talk about using a sub woofer. Item!
A 13-year-old Norwegian boy scared off a pack of wolves - by playing them heavy metal group Megadeath on his mobile phone.

Walter Acre was walking home from school in Rakkestad when he found himself encircled by the four snarling beasts, reports website

Just as they seemed set to attack, the petrified youngster pulled out his phone and cranked out a song by Megadeth.

Walter had previously been told not to run away from wolves but to face them and attempt to scare them away.

And sure enough, the tactic worked as the sound of heavy metal music sent the animals scattering in confusion.

The website reports that Walter made it home safely, using one final blast of music to see off a stray wolf that was prowling close to his front porch.

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