Friday, July 16, 2010

The Great Gatsby now a video game.

What's next - The Snows of Mt. Killzone? Gears of War & Peace? Sense & Sensibility & Ratchet & Clank? Ok, I got nothin. From Ology:

I'm not going to sit here and try to convince you that video games are better than novels. That would be ridiculous. I will ask you one thing, though: Have you ever won a novel?

If not, you'll soon have the chance. The Great Gatsby, a new PC game, is the next entry in the "Classic Adventures" series, which takes players on point-and-click journeys through the world of literature. In Gatsby, players will follow Nick Carraway as he attempts to navigate the complex social world of the 1920s while having as much extravagant fun as possible. Dance the Charleston! Drink bootleg gin! Stare longingly at the greenish light across the water! The possibilities are endless.

Fans of the Dante's Inferno game may be disappointed to learn that Gatsby is a "hidden object" game and not a hack-and-slash action-fest. I was really hoping we'd get the chance to impale people on one of those canes that goes with top hats. Still, sophomore English students who are crunched for time ought to check out Gatsby for educational purposes. Go ahead, bored high school kids! See if you can collect all 151 Metaphor Points!


Jeff said...

Ahahaha, that's so delightfully insane.

Adam Coozer said...

I'm waiting for Street Fighter V: Holden Caulfield vs. the Phonies. His special move is jaded cynicism.