Thursday, July 15, 2010

Study: Pear-shaped women face dementia risk.

Pear-shaped women, who have a high hip-to-waist ratio, may be at greater risk of developing dementia in old age than women with rounder, apple-like figures, research suggests.

The large scale study was the first to show obesity directly impacts on cognitive and memory decline, but also unexpectedly revealed a woman’s shape, as well as size, was a risk factor.

“Obesity is bad, but its effects are worse depending on where the fat is located,” said the study leader, Dr Diana Kerwin, of Northwestern University, Chicago.

Pear-shaped celebrities include Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, while apple-shaped women, whose waist and hip measurements are much closer, include Catherine Zeta-Jones and Drew Barrymore.

“Pears” tend to gain most weight on the hips and bottom, while “apples” accumulate a tire around the middle.


Jodi said...

Pear shaped woman have also been told they're, "smarter" because fat around the hips stores more omega-3s, and apple shaped women are more prone to heart disease. So no one wins.

Adam Coozer said...

That's why I only date banana-shaped men.

Jodi said...

I only date men wearing banana suits.

Jeff said...

I only date women in banana-colored April O'neil jumpsuits. But that's neither here nor there.

Adam Coozer said...

I only date Jeff.

Jeff said...