Thursday, July 15, 2010

Vatican: Female priests as bad as child rape.

The Vatican placed the ordination of women as Roman Catholic priests on the same level as child abuse in the eyes of the Church.

The Canon Law’s revision to the laws on sexual abuse of children by priests included the “attempted ordination of a woman,” with future cases to lead to immediate excommunication at the hands of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

The Catholic Church teaches it cannot ordain women as priests because Christ chose only men as his apostles.

Many respected scholars argue that Mary Magdalen was an Apostle but her role in the early Church was downgraded by male writers with an agenda of promoting the all-male priesthood.

[...] The new “substantive norms” on “delicts against the faith” came days after the Church of England General Synod voted in favor of legislation to ordain women bishops.

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God in 4101 said...

Sadly you are another victim of the Newscorp (

Do you honestly believe the story as presented by Newscorp? Their standard mode of operation is to produce ridiculous headlines with equally ridiculous stories. Apparently this type of journalism produces many clicks on their website which then impresses advertisers.

The actual story complete with facts can be found at the following link.